Facts & Figures

Scandria in a nutshell

Scandria is driven by 19 partners from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany

Budget: 3.8 million EUR

Duration: June 2009 - September 2012

Competitive regions

The Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor for Growth and Innovation represents one of the most competitive regions in Europe. Within that corridor, a number of metropolitan areas in Scandinavia and Central Europe cover more than 15 million inhabitants. These regions constitute a driving force for innovation throughout Europe.


The entire corridor from Scandinavia all the way down to the Adriatic Sea involves

  • 115 million Inhabitants (approx. 25% of all EU citizens) in 11 states and 7 capitals forming the  highest density of Capital Regions in Europe
  • 15 ports, about 300 universities and 75 economic clusters creating enormous potential for further development, especially in the primary traffic nodes



Area (km2)

Population (million)

   Capital region Berlin-Brandenburg
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   Öresund region incl. Copenhagen,
   Skane  and Zealand



   Region Halland



   Västra Götaland incl.
   Gothenburg business region



   Oslo-Akerhus metropolitan region



   Stockholm region



   Central Finland incl. Jyväskylä region