City of Neuruppin


Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 33
16816 Neuruppin
Arne Krohn
Phone: +49 3391 355 701



Neuruppin is a medium-sized city in the northwest of Brandenburg. To foster regional development, Neuruppin closely cooperates with other medium-sized cities in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to develop the intermodal hub 53/12, a logistics network that was initiated by the cities of Guestrow, Pritzwalk and Neuruppin at the geographical location of 53 degrees latitude and 12 degrees longitude. Neuruppin's approach is to combine the complementary strengths of regions neighbouring metropolitan regions and hence to profit from economic growth by providing the required logistic services. Within Scandria, Neuruppin represents a concrete best-practice approach, according to which value-added services shall be developed in close cooperation with Scandinavian partners.


Partners' role in the project

The City of Neuruppin is committed to foster the transnational development of the HUB 53/12. In that regard it will particularly

  • further develop rail cargo transport on the HUB 53/12 sidetracks
  • promote the HUB 53/12 internationally
  • initiate new value-added chains in close cooperation with Scandinavian project partners (all activities are carried out within action 4.1 "Development of logistic solutions")