Roskilde University


Universitetsvej 1, Hus 09.2
4000 Roskilde
Per Homann Jespersen
Phone: +45 4674 2497


The Danish Roskilde University provides excellent expertise on transport planning. As a previous partner in the INTERREG IIIB Baltic Sea Region project COINCO, the University has an excellent network in the Baltic Sea Region. This enables Roskilde to take responsibility of several major tasks within the Scandria project.

Partners' role in the project

Roskilde University
  • organises a triple helix approach in three cooperation fields and involves the important stakeholders in an open process fed by expert knowledge (action 5.1 "Activating cooperation potentials in the corridor")
  • elaborates the "Action Programme on the development of the Scandria corridor"
  • participates actively in the Policy Advisory Group (action 5.3 "Common political perspective")


The Roskilde University is leader of work package 5 "Common Strategy of Corridor Functionality" and of action 5.1 "Activating cooperation potentials in the corridor"