Oresund Logistics/OSR/Oresund University



Minc - Anckargripsgatan 3
21119 Malmö

Patrik Ryden
Phone: +46 40 305 689


As a cross-border institution, Oresund Logistics/OSR/Oresund University represents a number of scientific actors in the logistics field in the Danish-Swedish Oresund region.

Partners' role in the project

Oresund Logistics/OSR/Oresund University is primarily engaged in the development of new logistic solutions for the Scandria corridor. It alsoprovides input to the upgrading of intermodal facilities and to the intensification of business cooperation in the corridor. Particularly, it

  • performs a business case study on the development of block trains to bundle goods in the Oresund region (action 4.1 "Development of logistic solutions")
  • investigates optimized connections of the intermodal nodes in the Oresund region for North-South traffics as contribution to the common strategy on the development of intermodal nodes (action 3.1 "Development of intermodal nodes")
  • contributes to central innovation topics, such as "Strengthening the companies' cooperation in the corridor" and "Research and innovation in traffic planning, traffic technology and logistics in the corridor " (action 5.1 "Activating cooperation potentials in the corridor ")


Oresund Logistics/OSR/Oresund University takes responsibility as leader of action 4.1 "Development of logistic solutions".