Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH)


Teknikringen 72
10044 Stockholm
Bo-Lennart Nelldal
Phone: +46 8790 8009


The KTH is one of the most renowned scientific institutes in the field of transport research in Sweden. As such it will contribute profound knowledge on transport systems.

Partners' role in the project

KTH's focus will lie on transnational rail transport and green corridor development. In detail KTH

  • contributes to the Scandria investment strategy by identifying infrastructural and functional bottlenecks and weak links and defining functional corridors for rail freight within the SCANDRIA-corridor (action 3.2 "Improvements in rail traffic"),
  • performs a case study investigating innovative intermodal transport concepts, e.g. to/from Baltic Sea ferry ports in the Scandria corridor (action 3.2 "Improvements in rail traffic"),
  • further elaborates the idea  of a green Scandria transport corridor in close cooperation with Roskilde University and Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Womans' Affairs (action 5.1 "Activating cooperation potentials in the corridor") and the