Strategy - Project Structure in Detail

Action 5.1 "Activating Cooperation Potentials"

The Danish Roskilde University is leader of action 5.1. The desired output of this action is a "Scenario report on central fields of Cooperation".

In order to compile that scenario report, Roskilde University organizes the following forums:

  • Forum "Strengthening the companies' cooperation"
  • Forum "Green Transport Corridor"
  • Forum "Research and innovation"

Action 5.2 "Benchmarking of Corridor Functionality"

The Swedish Region Skane is leader of Action 5.2. The desired outputs of this action are:

Research and case studies conducted by the different project partners include the following topics:

Action 5.3 "Political Corridor Campaign"

The German Joint State Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg is responsible for Action 5.3. The desired outcomes of that Action are:

  • Policy Monitoring Group
  • Political Corridor Campaign
  • Political Corridor Conference