Scandria Brochure #1 Modern Logistic Solutions. Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea                                                             Published: May 2012                               

Scandria Brochure #2 "Common strategy of corridor funcionality" Published: May 2012  

Scandria Brochure #3 Quality of Transport Infrastructure in the Scandria Corridor         

Part 1 + 2                                                                                       Published: June 2012  

Scandria Image Brochure                                                     Published: June 2012

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Natural hub in the Skandinavian-Adriatic Corridor   
Brochure: "By Ship and Rail to Skandinavia" (German)            Published: March 2012  
Conference Brochure: "Metropolitan Futures - LIVING LEARNING CREATING MOVING"  

Fact Sheet

Intermodal Nodes in the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor                   Published: May 2012  
New functional links between Scandinavia and the Adriatic for European innovation and growth                                                                  Published: December 2011  
Action Programme on the Development of the Scandria Corridor  
Economic Development and Regional Growth in the Scandria Corridor  


Newsletter No.1                                                                             Published: November 2010  
Newsletter No.2                                                                             Published: April 2011  
Newsletter No.3                                                                                                Published: June 2011  
Newsletter No.4                                                                             Published: October 2011  
Newsletter No.5                                                                             Published: February 2012  
Newsletter No.6                                                                                             Published: July 2012  

Scandria Promotional Material

Scandria Leaflet                                                                             The leaflet describes the project in brief and is handed out during events, trade fairs or conferences.   
Leaflet "Train Concepts for the Scandria Corridor" by TH Wildau