Work Package 3

 Quality of Transport Infrastructures

Work Package 4

 Innovative Logistic Solutions

Work Package 5

 Common Strategy of Corridor Funcionality

Work Package 3 - Quality of Transport Infrastructures

Action 3.1 Development of Intermodal Nodes

  • Summary and strategic conclusions of case studies on Intermodal Nodes in the Scandria Corridor [Final Report]

Case Studies:

Action 3.2 Optimising Rail Traffic in the Corridor  

Case Studies:

Action 3.3 Heavy Goods Vehicle Traffic

Case Studies:

Work Package 4 - Innovative Logistic Solutions

  • Logistic Business Development Strategy incl. Analysis of Potentials for Logistic Services [Final Report] 

Case Studies:

Work Package 5 - Common Strategy of Corridor Functionality

  • Action Programme on the Development of the SCANDRIA Corridor [Fact Sheet]

        Action 5.1 Activating cooperation potentials            

Action 5.2 Benchmarking corridor funcionality

Action 5.3 Common Political Perspective

[Commissioner Kallas]
[Minister Ramsauer to Senator Junge-Reier]
[Minister Ramsauer to Minister Vogelsänger]