Project Structure - Three Thematic Pillars

Transport infrastructure

Within this pillar the project partners aim to increase the capacity of transport infrastructures as necessary precondition for an efficient settlement of transport flows.
This pillar is supervised by the Swedish Transport Administration.
Main result will be a Scandria Investment Strategy, determining investment needs, showing future investment projects, assessing the results of case studies and pilot projects and giving recommendations on transnational planning, implementation and harmonisation of investments in the transport infrastructure in the corridor.

Innovative logistics

The target of this pillar is to develop and disseminate innovative logistics solutions, a goal which is in line with the EU Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan.
This pillar is supervised by the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and State Development Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Main result will be a Logistic Business Development Strategy, containing regional logistic performance profiles, the outcomes of the business case studies conducted within the Scandria framework and the results of the Scandria marketing campaign for innovative logistic services.

Strategic corridor development

This pillar aims to agree on a common strategic framework as basis for political, administrative, economic and scientific action for the future corridor development.
This pillar is supervised by the Roskilde University.
Main result will be the Action Programme on the Development of the Scandria Corridor. Based upon a systematic  assessment of the corridor functionality, the Action Programme will develop scenarios and define short-, medium- and longterm targets for the future corridor development.

All 19 Project Partners contribute actively to reach the above mentioned results.

Keeping the project on track 

To facilitate the overall project coordination, the lead partner has installed an external project management. In order to assure a coherent and target group oriented communication of the main project messages and goals, the lead partner also assigned a communication management. For further information see contacts.