Innovative Logistic Solutions

Tapping the full potential of the corridor

Today, a variety of innovative logistics solutions is already available in the corridor.

Work Package 4 of the Scandria project focuses on the further development of innovative logistics solutions within the corridor. The leader of the work package is the German Ministry of Transport Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The purpose of the activities carried out within this work package is to compose a "Common strategy on logistics business development".

Work Package 4 and the common strategy on logistics business development are based upon two thematicactions:

  • Development of logistic solutions
  • Marketing campaign for logistics services
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Delivery from door to door: Safe, fast, cost-efficient

That is what the logisticians working within Scandria strive to achieve when they develop new and innovative logistics solutions. What is special: Scandria wants to demonstrate that there is far more potential for rail transport in the corridor than is used today.


Finding the best solutions

The Scandria partners develop complex solutions to organize transport efficiently and ecologically.The goal is to offer solutions that are market-ready.

As an example, the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg and Öresund Logistics examine the feasibility of block trains that bundle flows of goods from and to the ports of the Adriatic Sea.

The capability of the corridor is enormous

The Scandinavian-Adriatic corridor offers intelligent services, modern nodes and a large demand for commodities within the metropolitan regions. That is what Scandria stands for.

The devises a Marketing Campaign for Logistics Services" provided in the Scandria Corridor. It does so by establishing a logistics web portal as well as by appearances on important international trade fairs and conferences in the field of logistics.