Common Strategy of Corridor Functionality

Work Package 5 of the Scandria project focuses on questions of strategic corridor functionality. The leader of the work package is the Danish Roskilde University. The purpose of the activities within this work package is to compose a "Common strategy of Corridor Functionality".

Work Package 5 and the common strategy of corridor functionality are based upon three thematic actions:

  • Activating Cooperation Potentials
  • Benchmarking Corridor Functionality
  • Political Corridor Campaign

Venturing the future together

The Scandria Partners want to

  • Improve the performance of the corridor
  • Improve the linkage of economic potentials
  • Take converted action in regard to political issues
  • Organize transport environmentally-friendly

Joint Action

With the "Action Programme on the Development of the Scandria Corridor", the partners devise a common strategy, that links the future development of infrastructure and logistics.

Lead by Region Skane, the partners analyze the corridor functionality to come to a common understanding of the corridor and to formulate future development goals.

An open process

Further strategy development can only be successful in an open process beyond political and professional boundaries.

Within Scandria, Roskilde University conducts scenario workshops in the fields of transport research and education, green corridor and economic development. In that context, leading actors of different disciplines are brought together and discuss their perspectives.

Setting the course

In regard to further development, politics and the economy are responsible for setting the course. For that reason, representatives from both spheres are intensively involved in the project.

The Joint State Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg organizes an image campaign with the purpose to reach high-level officials from politics and economics in Berlin, Brussels and the corridor regions.