Green Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor in 2030!

Green Corridor in 2030On 20 January 2011, 26 participants from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Italy participated in the Scandria Green Corridor workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The workshop was organized by Roskilde University, responsible for developing scenarios for future corridor development in Scandria.
During the morning session various presentations gave best practice examples and impulses from in- and outside the Scandria corridor. Walter Huber presented the ‘Green Brenner Corridor' where innovative projects like the hydrogen corridor or solar panels for noise protection along highways have been successfully implemented. He stressed the need for a broad approach involving society, economy and politics at the same time. Rikard Engström from the Swedish Green Corridor Initiative suggested to perceive the greening of the corridor as a process and informed about the activities of the Swedish Green Corridor Initiative. In autumn 2011 a Green Corridor Demonstration Day shall present green solutions.
Per Homan Jespersen and Sandrina Lohse from Roskilde University presented their vision for a green Scandria corridor vision giving a framework for the strategy development that took place as group work activity in the afternoon. Here the groups discussed ideas for a strategy approach in regards to terminals, connections and innovations in the Scandria corridor. As concrete ideas that have to be further developed, the participants mentioned amongst others a Scandria Green Corridor Label, technical innovations like intelligent highways or the use of renewable energy for transportation like biogas, hydrogen or green energy for rail transport.
The workshop results and a draft version of the strategy will be presented during a further Green Corridor workshop on the 9th of March in Malmö (Sweden).

For more information, contact Sandrina Lohse from Roskilde University (