EU Commission approves a further 21 million euro for the expansion of the railway line Rostock - Berlin

The EU Commission has approved a further tranche of 21 million euro from the ERDF funds for the upgrading of the railway line Rostock - Berlin. It is the first module of the promotion of this major project from the new EU funding period 2007-2013.

Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer welcomes the decision by the EU Commission:

"The upgrading of the railway line Rostock - Berlin strengthens rail connections in Europe. In addition we improve the connection from the Baltic Sea region to the capital and the regional network."

The railway line Rostock - Berlin is part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN) and extends the high-speed line Berlin-Milan-Naples towards Scandinavia.

Until 2015 it will be upgraded in three stages to an axle load of 25.0 tons with regard to freight and 160 km/h of speed with regard to passenger transport. The travel time between Rostock and Berlin will be reduced to 116 minutes. The total cost of the measure is estimated at around 737 million euro. Complementary funding is financed by the performance and funding agreement. In 2000-2006, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) already provided some 87 million euro funding. In addition to the now approved 21 million euro it is planned to apply for a further 59 million Euro from the ERDF. To qualify for support from EU funds, the track will be equipped with the European safety system ETCS.

The use of funds from the ERDF for the upgrade of the railway line Rostock - Berlin is part of the ERDF Federal Transport Infrastructure Programme 2007-2013. The program can support the financing of investments in the federal transport infrastructure in some regions up to 2015. These include the new federal states and the region of Lüneburg, which have a specific eligibility status as a "convergence region". The program has a budget of 2.3 billion euro. Of this, 1.5 billion euro come from the ERDF, the remaining funds come primarily from the federal budget.

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