Oslo - Copenhagen in 2:20 h by 2025

This visionary outlook was given by representatives of COINCO-North at the project final conference 14-15 June in Oslo.
Step by step the recent travel time of nearly 8 hours is to be reduced by upgrading the rail network until 2021 and by building a new Highspeed Rail Network until 2025.
This will integrate this important Scandinavian economic area with 9 million inhabitants and strengthen the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor for Innovation and Growth.
The Norwegian state secretary Lars Erik Bartnes underlined a strategy shift of Norwegian transport policy, supporting more and more rail traffic, with high priority of the Nordic Triangle.
The partners are planning for a 2nd project stage focusing on Inter City Traffic, Green Corridors, High Speed Rail, Entrepreneurship and Culture.
The cooperation with the Scandria project shall be further strengthened.