Scandria signs agreement to foster green transport solutions in the Baltic Sea Region

The Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication signed an agreement with the lead partners of three projects that are part of the Baltic Sea Region Programme, namely Scandria, East-West-Transport Corridor II (EWTC II) and TransBaltic.

According to the agreement,  the partners will strive to create a stakeholder forum and to arrange major seminars. Furthermore, Scandria will focus on the practical testing of green corridor solutions, such as alternative fuels in heavy goods vehicle transport or ICT in logistics taking into account the findings of the EWTC II and TransBaltic programmes. Scandria plans to use these findings to initiate a dialogue with the respective stakeholders in the Baltic-Adriatic Development Corridor.

EWTC II and TransBaltic promote economic growth and green transportation within the East West Transport Corridor. TransBaltic focuses on an integrated transport system in the Baltic Sea Region.

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