Port of Rostock is gearing up for new Scandlines ferries

The construction of the new ferry dock at berth 54 falls on the east side of Pier 1 in the overseas port of Rostock goes ahead as planned within the very tight and ambitious time frame. Already in the spring of 2012, the new Scandlines "Berlin" and "Copenhagen" will depart and arrive in a two-hour intervals here.

"The preparations for the Motorway of the Sea project Rostock-Gedser is on schedule. The investment will strengthen the highly popular ferry Rostock-Gedser. The ferry transfer will be as easy as driving through a tunnel or a bridge", said Transport Minister Volker Schlotmann today in Rostock, and praised the commitment of Scandlines and the Port of Rostock: "I am convinced that the Port of Rostock will continue to develop well. The Motorway of the Sea brings the development of the Scandinavian-Adriatic corridor ahead. Industry is already profiting today. As for the passengers, the new connection in modern ferries will be much more comfortable as well", said the Minister of Transport.

The two new ferries are being built on the P + S Stralsund Shipyard. They are supposed to double the capacity of the cargo vessels in service today (1,600 lane meters for 460 cars or 90 trucks). Moreover, the passenger capacity will increase by 1.5 times (1,500 passengers). In order to manage the very short check-in time of only 15 minutes, currently a double deck ramp is under construction in the Seaport of Rostock at berth 54.

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