Developing a Biogas Corridor for Road Transport Between Southern Scandinavia and Germany

Workshop aim

Biogas has great potential as vehicle fuel and provides an important short and long-term alternative to fossil fuels. Germany, Sweden and Denmark all have the necessary resources for developing a biogas corridor with its' large primary production, and innovative industrial sector and a political will to develop renewable fuels for transport.

This workshop gathers actors in the region from a triple-helix perspective including public authorities, businesses and academic institutions from all three countries. The aim is to develop a strategy for implementing LBG/LNG and CBG/CNG as transport fuels in the region. This will be part of the Scandria Action Programme and point to ways forward for biogas fuels in the region. The workshop will also provide a unique opportunity for cross-border networking and knowledge-sharing.

Workshop organizers

Scandria is a cooperation of 19 partners from Germany and Scandinavia funded by the EU Regional Development Fund, which aims at developing a green and innovative transport orridor between the Baltic and the Adriatic Sea. Scandria is backed by public authorities and organizations such as the Berlin Senate, the federal states od Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Swedish Transport Administration, Region Zealand and Region Scania.

Øresund EcoMobility Knowledge & Innovation Centre aims to promote sustainable and climate friendly transport solutions and strives to gather regional competencies in a unified network of universities, industries and regional authorities.

Download the workshop agenda here.