EU allocates 1.4 million euros to North Adriatic Ports IT project

At the European Union's call for project proposals in its co-financing of TEN-T (Trans European Network - Transport) links, NAPA has been granted 50% funding for its ITS Adriatic Multi-Port Gateway project, which shall ultimately afford mutual IT-support for member ports. A technical overview of the project was provided at a 24th June seminar in Venice.

The project anticipates the integration of the ports' information systems in the context of a single uniform system that will allow improved co-ordination of port operations as well as the exchange of information between ports and their clients, i.e. the ship owners, forwarding agents and other logistics providers. One of the NAPA's strategic goals is to enhance the links between all logistics protagonists (maritime, road and rail, as well as state institutions) involved in the provision of port-related services in the broader Northern Adriatic and its hinterland regions.

The ITS Adriatic Multi-Port Gateway project is comprised of several stages. First of all, working group members shall establish the potential for the development of a uniform port system; this shall be followed by the development of suitable software solutions for the processing and exchange of data; the final stage - roll-out - shall see the actual establishment of the information portal and completion of the project in the summer of 2013."

Author: North Adriatic Ports Association