Scandria supports Green Brenner Corridor

During a Conference on 6-7 September 2011 in Trento/Italy, Horst Sauer from the Joint Spatial Planning Berlin-Brandenburg, expressed the support of Scandria towards the development of a Green Corridor along the TEN-T Axes, demanding for a broad view to the Northern part of the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor to fully utilize the development potential of the Brenner Base Tunnel. Main topics of the conference were the relation of transport and environmental protection and the Green Brenner Corridor approach. It was attended by experts from Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament and Coordinator of the Trans-European Axis No. 1 and Debora Serracchiani, Member of the European Parliament, gave their input from a Brussels perspective, highlighting the importance of Brenner Base Tunnel and Green Corridors.

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