Scandria®-Corridor at Green Corridor Demo Day in Malmö

The Scandria®-Corridor was presented during the Green Corridor Demo Day 2012 at 12 December in Malmö.

At roundabout 30 stands, technology providers and green corridor projects could present themselves. In a number of interesting talks with technology providers as well as representatives of corridor regions, the ambition of the Scandria-Corridor to become a green model corridor facilitated by a Scandria-Alliance could be demonstrated.

The set-up of a Scandria-Alliance was proposed by the Scandria-project partners and is currently promoted by the Baltic Sea Region project TransGovernance and the Baltic Sea Region Transport Cluster (

As best Green Corridor Demo, the VEL®-wagon ( designed by the Technical University Berlin, the Scandria project partner Royal Institute for Technology Stockholm and the Slovakian manufacturer Tatravagonka was chosen. Our best congratulations!

More information about the Green Corridor Demo Day 2012 can be found at: